Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic
Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle and Spine Specialists
~ Santa Barbara, CA ~

The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic has been serving patients in the greater Santa Barbara, California area for over 25 years. The practicing orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians – Dr. Richard Ryu, Dr. Graham Hurvitz, Dr. Jervis Yau and Dr. Danielle Thomas– take great pride in providing the best care to all patients suffering from an orthopedic condition or sports injury.

**Great News!**

The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic is proud and excited to announce the addition of Dr. Jimmy Bailey to our practice beginning June 23, 2023!

Richard Ryu, MD

Graham Hurvitz, MD

Jervis Yau, MD

Danielle Thomas, MD


The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic’s specializations include:

  • Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

  • Shoulder surgery

  • Elbow surgery

  • Hip surgery

  • Knee surgery

  • Ankle surgery

  • Non-Operative Spine Care

  • Joint Replacement

  • Fracture care

  • Orthopedic trauma

  • Joint preservation and cartilage restoration

  • Sports medicine

  • Physical rehabilitation

Santa Barbara, CA Orthopedic Surgeons & Sports Medicine Specialists

Helping you reach your goals

The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic offers the most advanced medical technology, surgical instruments, tools and operating systems in order to achieve optimal results for each and every patient.

Our physicians work closely with each patient, a physical therapist and a highly trained staff of nurses and technicians so the overall goal of full recovery is achieved as quickly as possible. The physicians at Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic believe physical rehabilitation following any orthopedic or sports injury is a vital part of a successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a condition or used to enhance a surgical procedure.